Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First step and Marshmallow Fondant...What? That goes together!

You know that phrase "baby steps"??  Yeah, that's about the speed things are moving towards getting my business started.  Today I'm sending out my first letter to the county to see if they will approve an additional door in my kitchen/business which will be located in my home.  Really?  A door?  Oh well, it will be worth it when I'm up and running!

You see the county guidelines say that I cannot have a door that opens into any living or sleeping quarters of my home and must have a separate entrance.  My kitchen will be in our walkout base..which will work as my separate entrance...but they don't want any other exits which means I wouldn't be able to access my house from the business. 

I stay at home with my kids so it's KIND of important that I can get to them.  I'm just sayin'.  Anyway, the letter goes out today!  Wish me luck! 

I also wanted to add the link to LilaLoa's MMF recipe!  It's really easy and tastes great!  Thanks to LilaLoa for sharing all of her great tips:)
LilaLoa's MMF

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