Friday, October 21, 2011

Dad is great, gives us some chocolate cake!

Happy Friday!  So I have chocolate cake on the brain today.  Every time I hear chocolate cake I think about the Bill Cosby Himself stand-up routine when he sings that song..."Dad is great, gives us some chocolate cake"!  Love it!  I've been searching and searching for some great scratch cake recipes over the last few weeks without much success.  The great thing about this industry is that everyone is so willing to share and give reviews of different recipes and techniques.  As I was stalking all of my favorite cake blogs the other day I ran across this recipe titled Best Chocolate Cake by Amanda of, yes please!  It's a recipe that was originally Ina Garten's of Barefoot Contessa fame. 

So off I went to try another cake and I must say that this one is definitely a keeper, so rich and moist and chocolatey and fabulous and...ok, ok, I'm back.   The hubby tried it and was impressed too, the problem is now that I can't keep myself from "testing" the flavor, i.e., it's disappearing very quickly.   Thanks again to Amanda for sharing!!

 I wanted to include a few more pictures of what I've been working on lately.  I've included links to other blogs that have great tutorials!  Did I mention how nice everyone is??

 I love this little guy!  I worked off a tutorial by LilaLoa here.  So cute and creative.
 Hello, Kitty:)
 I love the little hill.  I got the idea from this picture.  I'm not sure who the cake artist is so I apologize but here is the link: Thomas Cake

Enjoy and happy weekend to everyone!



  1. your hello kitty cookies made me smile! : ) i love hello kitty!

    1. Thank you so much! You are one of my cake idols so that means the world to me:)